According to Walter Gropius, what was lacking in the art of the past was the creativity and connection an artist had with his work. Many artists were misled to believe that art is a profession which can be mastered by study but that isnt the case at all.  School can only provide an understanding and thorough knowledge in art so it can help generate new ideas but it can not teach students how to produce art because that depends on the talent of the individual who creates it. Gropius also emphasized on the idea of being one with everything because it produces creative art with a deeper meaning instead of a creation that is mechanalized. Mechanized work is meaningless because you’re just creating something with no form and when we’re surrounded by meaningless art, society becomes disordered. Because society will continue to believe they are isolated from everything and everyone. Everywhere they look at will not have purpose, it will not allow them to connect with something and what that does is make people enslaved to the idea that they just have to follow along with what is when there’s more to life. Everything and everyone around us has a purpose but that doesn’t mean we should be isolated with them. László Moholy-Nagy has brought an enormous expansion on typography, the film, and the radio. The importance of typography is the communication it has with the person viewing it. Typographers called for clarity, conciseness, precision; for more articulation, contrast, tension in the color and black-and-white values of a typographic page. It’s important for type and photo to work together to communicate to the viewer its meaning. Nowadays we see type displayed in many ways, some even have images inside the letters. I think it’s important as artists, to keep in mind that we should always create with meaning. To create something where others can relate to what you’re trying to convey instead of creating without meaning or because of the money.