Our first objective for this course, which is sort of just an extension of the first class session, will be to create a short video introduction.

While we are unable to all come together to meet in a single room, we can try to use the resources we do have to create something of that interpersonal experience. The goals for this exercise will be to tell everyone a little bit about yourself, and meet everyone else that you’ll be working with through the semester.

Please record a short video providing the following information:
– The name you prefer to go by
– Where you are filming the video. Be inventive, but wear a mask if done in public.
– How far along you are in school, how long you’ve been attending City Tech, your primary interests in the COMD program
– The best thing that has happened to you since COVID hit NYC. It’s been a very rough year for many of us…let’s hope we can find something positive in it.
– A theory that you have, or have heard recently. This can pertain to anything, and should ideally be impossible to prove. (Mine might be a bad example, you be the judge.)

Video files tend to be large. You’ll probably need to upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Vimeo, etc., then embed the link by clicking the + box, locating video, then selecting “Link”.

Now the most important part of the assignment: Watch all of your peers’ videos! You may need to check back through the next few days if you upload yours right away.

Here is mine. Hope you enjoy: