Monica J. Dec 2

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Monica Jeune Nov 4th

Black vs White


A racial motivated ad by Sony for the release of their white PlayStation. The color white dominates over black. Its cleaner, sleeker, more fierce and stands out. A white alternatively dressed women  presses and grabs the chin of a black woman forcing her down on her knees. The one in white grabs attention and power. The image portrayed is of subordination, and to stand out (her outfit says it all) the one in black wears a black button shirts as if to imply conformity. I have also noticed , the image above isn’t a standard black and white image , each women is colored to most saturated extremes, pure black and white. If it weren’t for the lighting on the darker side of the side the woman would blend in seamlessly. White stands out! I do also note the fact it’s women, as if to imply white women are “better” and have a more alluring appeal.

PopCluture (2)

Cultural Identity

This ad appeals to the  Millennials and those in Generation Y. The language used is eye catching especially for a magazine (a formal print), although this ad is appealing to a certain demographic. The ones behind the ad, know who their consumers are. The “texting” language and use of hyperbole is a direct take form how their consumers speak/text in their everyday lives, their a relatable, offbeat, and hipster brand.

Native American (1)


The cigarette company used Native American appeal to attract consumer by way of using the name “American Spirit”. The tobacco must be really good.”If they smoke it and  have a have a good time, I probably will too”. – random consumer. Although the “real” ingredients are  listed it subtle implies that the cigarettes are made with some magical Native essence, maybe even special ancient  native herbs. There is commonly held notion of peace, tranquility, traditional, health,ancient and spirituality when people think of natives. It appeals to the idea of a better cigarette. American spirit cigarettes are are implied to be healthier as well which is crazy but it’s just because of the branding , I found an article to prove it:Healthy