Final Assignment for December 16

As we prepare to wrap up our final class session there are just a few items that you’ll need to submit to complete the semester.

You must bring the following to class on the 16th (if you have not done so already):
– Your final poster, ready for presentation,
– Your research journal, including all assignments (handwritten or printed-out), notes on readings, and your independent research conducted for the poster.

You must submit the following as OpenLab posts (if you have not done so already):
– Your bibliography,
– Images of your poster; these can be in a PDF, a link, or snapshots of the assembled poster,
– Any missing assignments for the semester (the Assignments Page serves as a checklist).

Looking forward to our second round of presentations. Please be on time, ready to engage with your peers’ presentations, and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

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