ZIKAI CHEN-September 9

Communication is an indispensable part of the evolution of human civilization. From ancient Mesopotamian‘s clay tablets writing to the modern English alphabet, we can find how our communication has evolved throughout time. We can all agree that the rudimentary communication methods relevant to contemporary information systems, language evolve, through our communication also evolves, we can see a trace of ancient communication methods in our modern communication methods, therefore, ancient rudimentary communication methods are relevant to our contemporary information systems.


There are also some writing, counting, or printing techniques that have been very popular in the past, but now it seems surprisingly obsoleted, advertisements, trademarks and illustrations from the late eighteenth century to the 1920s were all focused on the details. But various phenomena The indicate that this trend has been, or is being, replaced by more rigorous and simple typesetting. These obsoleted techniques have laid down a solid foundation for the development of modern world design, It has important enlightenment and reference significance to contemporary designers, therefore, we should be very concerned with it.

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