Obed Ledezma – September 16th HW

What distinguishes semiology from linguistics is that semiology deals with signs, as for linguistics it is the scientific study of language. In the reading, it talks about how semiology is a science that studies “the life of signs within society that is conceivable.” Linguistic is a part of the general science of semiology in the reading its described as a tool for design to tell and describe with words so it can be understood, in order to understand what it is trying to say. These two terms show importance with communication and how it extends in order to be much deeper than just words or visuals.

When it comes to everyday language and signs we use them more than we know unconsciously. Whether it’s waving at someone or giving them the finger, signs are more than just a movement of the body even the ones signaling us to get to where we are going. I believe psychology plays a big part with signs, especially as a designer because you have to step outside of yourself in order to be the person from the outside to understand this sign and where it comes from as well as its meaning, origin, etc.

Signs, signifiers and the signified employed are general communications because of the concept and task they do in order to get their messages across. Its a form of general communication because it doesn’t make you think twice since it’s so commonly gazed upon on an everyday basis. While I was reading the passage I found that signifier can be termed as the form which the sign takes, and the signified is the concept the form takes. It could be described as something also automatic, where in your brain it’ll click and put the two together.

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