Javion Bailey September 9

What I took from these texts concerning rudimentary methods is that they rely heavily on interpretation. Interpretation does not care much for culture, the meaning would change dramatically during the course of time and it’s original meaning would be forgotten. On the other hand, modern design is based on perception. As Lipton Miller says in the reading ” “Perception” refers to the subjective experience of the individual as framed by the body and brain.” (pg 62) This means that perception encompasses all the senses, rudimentary methods and concepts only encompass intellect and do not care for what the symbols mean or their impact on the group of individuals that use them.

I don’t believe that writers shouldn’t concern themselves at all with “long-obsolete writing, counting, or printing techniques.” These techniques are the fundamentals, the building blocks of what design is today. They act as a skeleton for design and are used to convey information in a simpler way. This doesn’t mean that designers should imitate the old, but it should act as a frame of reference. Design should be a combination of both interpretation and perception. It should not ignore the meaning behind the pieces and should capture the senses it uses to convey information, nor should it stray away from objectivity completely in it’s pursuit to stimulate the intellect.


I believe that new ideas come from the harmony of objectivity.and subjectivity. It also comes from the creation of the simple into the more expressive. Subjectivity allows one to perceive the art work at face value and let it envelop our being. We are able to take in what we see and express ourselves through that medium. The objectivity comes to explain how the creativity is created, it is based on what goes on behind the scenes. It does not change based on mood or emotions. This is the root of what fills our eyes and what brings forth that emotion. It represents the physical aspect of art. The materials, rules and technique used to make a piece. Without this, the piece would have no form or structure. A fundamental in what breathes life into it. 


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