QLab was used to build and run the show file containing all of the cues and music used for the show. The performer decided just before tech week not to use any sound effects, only music, so QLab was the only software I needed for this production. I used LucidChart to create the block diagram that the crew used to build the system, an dI kept it as close as I could to the system used for the previous show, since there was only one day allocated for the changeover. I spent several hours one day in the theater with John Huntington to learn the board and path the system in to it. I used the Yamaha CL5, which was brand new to the school this semester, so there was a small learning curve while first using the board.

To prepare for tech week, I kept in touch with Tanya as much as I could, attended all production meetings, and tried to keep up to date about what the current plan was as it evolved into the final form. For the most part, what I received at paper tech was the final show, before the usual tech week changes, which mostly consisted of lengthening a couple of songs and adding in the pre-show music. One thing that was very helpful was that Tanya had a very clear idea of what she wanted from me, which meant my job was incredibly straight-forward.

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