Original Proposal

Kenneth Silver

Ent 4499


Culmination Project Proposal


Project Description

While attending CityTech, I’ve been focusing on sound and show control, with a majority of my focus on sound. I’ve been interested in designing sound systems, sound effects, and running the sound board for a show since I started, and for my proposed culmination project, I get to do at least part of all three of those. Toward the end of the spring 2016 semester, we have a magic act on our stage created by Tanya Solomon entitled “Truth Assassin.” The idea of acting as sound designer for this production was brought to me by John Huntington, and it sounded interesting as I’ve never considered sound for magic before, so it will be a rather unique challenge. I would like to use this as my culmination project because I would get to test myself as a system designer, sound designer, and sound board operator.



For this project, it will take a lot of time spent in rehearsal to learn what the acts are that Tanya will be performing, and create sound effects (In advance when possible) to match them, that then get Tanya’s approval for usage in the performances. I will need access to a Mac computer at school starting at rehearsals and until the final performance is over, but I can create the majority of the sound effects at home with my ProTools setup in conjunction with sound effect libraries online and at school. The other main piece of sound software I will need access to is QLab, to create and fire the sound cues. The system design will likely be done in AutoCad, although I am considering other options, particularly Lucid Chart. From what I have been told, the system will be the speaker arrangement that is currently hung in the theater, but I can add more speakers if needed, so my system design will essentially be modifications to a current system, rather than a whole new system.


Project Deliverables

Poster for Poster Session.

OpenLab portfolio.

List of deadlines for effects and cues having been created.

Full show on a CD or Flash Drive for Tanya to use in the future as a two channel stereo setup.

Typed cue list.

System Diagram.

Block Diagram.

Document containing information relevant to research done for the project, with links to sound samples if possible.


Schedule or Calendar

Feb 16th – Proposal Due

March 1st – Create tentative deadlines for sounds/cues (Must speak to tech advisor before creating these)

May 2nd – Be ready for rehearsals

May 5th to May 7th – Tech

May 9th to May 11th – Rehearsals

May 12th to May 14th – Performances

May 14th – Full show delivered to Tanya

May 19th – Poster session

I will be able to create a more complete schedule for myself as we have more production meetings.


Required Resources

ProTools – I have this at home and can also use in the sound lab if needed.

QLab – I believe this is on the sound lab computers and the Mac desktop. The main time I will need it is in the week leading up to rehearsals and for the duration of the time that Truth Assassin is on stage.

Mac tower – The department has one of these available for shows, I would like to coordinate with staff members to make sure I have access to it, or another Mac to use so that I can use QLab to run the production.

Sound Libraries – There are many free ones online that I can use, and I also would like to ensure that I can use the school’s sound effect server if needed.



$10 – Flash drive. This is one method of ensuring that Tanya has the show at the end of the semester. This is just included in case she does not own a flash drive that she would like to use, and there are flash drives that would work available for even less money than this on Amazon.

$10 – Printing. This is included just to ensure the money is available in case I need to print large versions of system diagrams, although I believe I can print adequate sizes of the diagrams off of the plotter in the second floor computer lab.

$10 – Poster board for poster session.

$50 – To purchase sounds with, if needed. This is very much a precaution, I do not anticipate needing this.

$60 – Qlab Daily Rentals. Qlab rents their Pro Audio bundle for $5 a day. I’ve included this to provide for twelve days of rentals, just in case I need to rent it. I do not foresee myself having to do so, as the school owns the full version, but I wanted to budget for this just in case I need to rent it outside of the building to get the project done.

Total estimated budget: $140


Proposed Table of Contents/Portfolio Outline

Introduction (Including concept statement)


Project Budget – Estimate vs Actual

Completed Paperwork

-Breakdown of budget


-Load-in schedule

-Cue List

-System diagram

-Block diagrams


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