Going into this project, I expected it to be much more time consuming and more of a test of my skills, but due to decisions by the artist to not use any sound effects and a short changeover time between the previous show and this one, there was much less work that I had to do than initially expected. However, I did get to use most of the audio skills I have learned during my time at CityTech, and I’m happy with the work that I did for this production. The artist was happy with my performance on the design crew, and I set the system up well enough that the crew was able to run the show with no problems. The biggest challenge ended up being using a board that was new the school and most of the people in it, but it ended up being a great learning experience in how to find the best way to work with a brand new board and get it patched in a timely fashion. The most useful non-technical skill I got to work on along the way was figuring out how to manage artist relations, and how to word technical descriptions in a way that she could understand without having to think too much about it. Our performer, Tanya, was absolutely professional and smart, but had so much on her mind that being able to simplify these descriptions was a huge benefit, as we could have quick discussions about certain details without having to overwhelm her while she was mounting her one-woman show.

In summary, I’m very pleased with my work, and there’s nothing I can think of that I would do differently next time. I kept on top of the work, delivered a good product, and got on well with the artist. I would have liked to have more changeover time so I could really design the system, and get the script earlier than paper tech day, but those were things entirely outside of my control, so I stand by my final product.


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