Ethics Assignment Part 2

A. In the past, I have used another’s creative work for a project. Of course I have to credit them because it is their work and I would feel bad if someone used my work and did not credit me. I would not claim it is my work because that would lay and plagiarism which is illegal. The readings have enlightenment my perspective on the ways to be a professional designer/ illustrator. Learning about the responsibilities, rules, put a price on your work are a few of the things that stood out from the readings. I will definitely look back at these readings to refresh my memories if I forget anything because they were very helpful readings.

B. My opinion on the Fairey Copyright Case is that he shouldn’t have done it without a license. He shouldn’t have lied about using the photo as inspiration if he did. The outcome of the case, I feel turned out well for both sides, instead of going separate ways, they hired him to work on other pieces inspired by the AP photos they took. Shephard Fairey had to pay something for the case (the price was confidential), but he got himself work for the future.

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