Self Reflection

This internship has been an interesting process. Throughout the several weeks of being an intern, I learned out of it. I have learned that the search for an internship is a struggle sometimes, having to wait for companies to get back to you or accept your resume. I also learned a lot from the internship alone. I learned a lot about working in a design team and sharing the work. I also learned that I need to push my ideas a little more, but I didn’t do so bad for my first internship. I have to remember to keep pushing my ideas further. I also learned how to work around indecisiveness in the workplace. Dealing with time management has improved for me. I used to struggle a little at it. I will continue to work with the company for a few extra weeks before we go our separate ways. It was a pleasure to get this experience and I look forward to getting started in the field.

Ethics Assignment Part 2

A. In the past, I have used another’s creative work for a project. Of course I have to credit them because it is their work and I would feel bad if someone used my work and did not credit me. I would not claim it is my work because that would lay and plagiarism which is illegal. The readings have enlightenment my perspective on the ways to be a professional designer/ illustrator. Learning about the responsibilities, rules, put a price on your work are a few of the things that stood out from the readings. I will definitely look back at these readings to refresh my memories if I forget anything because they were very helpful readings.

B. My opinion on the Fairey Copyright Case is that he shouldn’t have done it without a license. He shouldn’t have lied about using the photo as inspiration if he did. The outcome of the case, I feel turned out well for both sides, instead of going separate ways, they hired him to work on other pieces inspired by the AP photos they took. Shephard Fairey had to pay something for the case (the price was confidential), but he got himself work for the future.

AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB

AIGA Busines_Ethics 47556733-Use-of-illustrations-1-MB

AIGA Busines_Ethics 47556721-Client-s-guide-to-design-1-1-MB

Ethics Assignment Part 1

a. The company looking for a designer to work for them, they are looking for someone who skills work alongside with their goals at the firm. The company has allowed us, the Design Team, to use stock images to create designs we envision but we would have to show them what images and if they like it, they will pay for it. For the logo of the company, depending on what they decide on as the new brand identity, they will market that identity. As the designers, we must come up with a logo that isn’t a copy of someone else and that represents the brand well. After we settled on a logo, the company will trademark when the time is right.

B. The company has not given us any non-disclosure agreement. As for my internship journal, I have kept the organization disclosed in my journal but the company is a non-profit. Once the organization has finished up the upgrading process because they are moving things onto a new website and changing a lot of things to make it easier for viewers to consume, they would let them get the word out to people who are interested in donating. In my entries, I try to avoid using names, talk more about the projects that they have us work on.

Expressing Color

So this week we had a meeting, and we, the design team, showed them logos we came up with. They liked the direction we were going with the logos being more type than with a mascot bee. We also decided on a color theory for the logos which I have tried to implement in my logos but I am still working on it. So far trying to keep in mind the theme of the brand. Also completed my hours for the internship so congratulations to me. I will continue to work with them to at least finish the final logo and intro video for the webpage. This was definitely a wonderful experience for me because I got to get exposure to the industry and what the meetings are like. Also, I improved upon managing my time with this internship and other things.

Created By Kyle Sealy

The star ones are the ones I feel are good about. I tried to explore options with color and will probably do some more.

Finding A Direction

These are the logos I worked on this week since that is what the CEO wanted us to work on. This was kind of hard because we did not have an exact direction that they wanted us to go towards. Due to not having a direction to go in, I kind of struggled with it. So the Design Team just brainstormed, and I came up with these. I tried to work with the idea of the word “buzz” and synonym of its meaning. Also, he said maybe to incorporate something that involves giving so that when I made the hands.

Creating Graphics

This week, I worked on the layout of the explainer video. I added some things to note regarding the animations I think will be on each slide. Some I have not decided on the animation yet but I also added my illustration as a little graphic for the video.

Created by Kyle Sealy

It still needs more stuff in it but we had a meeting and decided to wait until we completed the script before getting the layout and design finished. In the meantime, the CEO said to us, the design team, that we can change the logo. The process of what we have to do in these last couple of weeks was a little confusing in terms of what the CEO wants exactly but we are trying our best to do what we can. The overall experience of this internship is going well. I am learning a lot from the process and it is helping me understand the industry more. Next week I should have logo sketches and vectorised versions done.

Created by Kyle Sealy

Creating the Storyboard

This week, we got assign to get started on the motion graphic video; I created a storyboard to layout my thoughts on how the words will be on the screen along with the graphics. It is the first draft, but it is for me and my team to layout the design and we could add the animation after we completed the script. We also worked on the script so more. We got some feedback from our mentor so I used that to set up the storyboard. The colors we will use are different, I just used yellow and black as a base. In the next version, I will definitely have more play on hierarchy, color and animation labels for different animations queues for each slide.

created by Kyle Sealy

Working As A Team

First week of the internship, the design team ( me and 2 other design interns) were given a task to think about for website design and introduction video of what the company is about. The director is waiting to hear from the coder on setting it up for us, the design team to work on. In the meantime, we decide to give some suggestions on possibly new logo redesigns and font changes. We did not want to change the logo entirely because it goes with the company’s identity. So the three of us came up with 2 designs each and will present the designs to the director in the upcoming meeting.

These are the two alternative logos I have created. I just changed around bee, and changed the typeface to a san serif. Then I felt like I should make the bee smaller and have a trail through the “GB” for a playful/ entertaining feel. 

Logos by: Kyle Sealy

Searching For an Internship

The search for internships was an interesting process, to say the less. I was having some trouble to find an internship that lines up with what I want to do which is illustration/ graphic design. There were a couple I found that caught my attention but after reading up on the company, I changed my mind. I sent out my resume and portfolio to 3 companies. Two of them liked my work, but one told me to come back in the fall because the positions were full. The other one I got accepted was getting approval from the director to sign the agreement I sent him so I didn’t get back any emails back until the start of the following week. The most challenging part of the process for me was trying to find the right internship that you could work your best at and enjoy doing it so it may lead into future jobs lined up.

Noir Chocolate

Our professor, a few semester ago, wanted the class to come with their own brand of chocolate in groups. My group decided to go with a chocolate that is a good pair with wine which is what inspired the name ” Noir “.