Ethics Assignment Part 1

a. The company looking for a designer to work for them, they are looking for someone who skills work alongside with their goals at the firm. The company has allowed us, the Design Team, to use stock images to create designs we envision but we would have to show them what images and if they like it, they will pay for it. For the logo of the company, depending on what they decide on as the new brand identity, they will market that identity. As the designers, we must come up with a logo that isn’t a copy of someone else and that represents the brand well. After we settled on a logo, the company will trademark when the time is right.

B. The company has not given us any non-disclosure agreement. As for my internship journal, I have kept the organization disclosed in my journal but the company is a non-profit. Once the organization has finished up the upgrading process because they are moving things onto a new website and changing a lot of things to make it easier for viewers to consume, they would let them get the word out to people who are interested in donating. In my entries, I try to avoid using names, talk more about the projects that they have us work on.