Banksy: How Art’s Bad Boy Became an Icon

Banksy has become known more for his expert trolling of art gallery circles than for his actual artwork. I particularly loved the built-in shredder in the painting. Unfortunately, people who want to make money will always find a way. It’s pretty disappointing seeing art galleries taking messages that they really should be taking more seriously and making a profit on it. It’s even worse seeing people literally tear apart walls and property to steal Banksy’s art. Still though, Banksy continues to speak his mind through his art, which ultimately should be the point of art. It’s fascinating seeing him start from street artist to creating elaborate art pieces and pranks. Another favorite of mine is the stand with the old man selling his pieces for $60. It highlights the unfortunate fact that sometimes, quality of art isn’t what makes it worth so much money. I’ve heard of Banksy before, but I didn’t really understand the appeal of his work. But now, I love his mission to call out capitalist and money-hungry people who can’t see art for more than just it’s price.