Virtual Networking Event

The name of the virtual event was called, “Top 5 Tips for Changing Careers to UI/UX Design”. The host’s name was Patrick McClary. Patrick is an Associate UI/UX Program Director. His presentation was about his top 5 tips to switch to a UI/UX career and about his transition from being a Sportswriter to an Educator to an Entrepreneur to a UX designer and to finally a UI/UX Design Educator. The event was interactive, attendees were able to only type in their questions and get spoken or typed responses back but unfortunately we weren’t able to connect. There were quite a few attendees.

I specifically chose this event because I thought it would help with my Senior Project since I will be designing an app. What I did take away from this event was inspiration and motivation on how I will and can improve on my app and possibly consider a career in UI/UX design.