Obama Hope Poster Case Study

In 2006, street artist Shepard Fairey, designed the famous “Hope” poster of Obama. Big issue at large was that the photo he used wasn’t his, it belonged to the Associated Press. In 2008, the Associated Press sued Shepard for copyright violation and property damage. Therefore, led to a sentence of two year’s probation and $25,000 fine.

In my opinion, I think this is every designer’s worst nightmare, including mine. Can’t image designing something so mesmerizing and well done, that’ll inspire people and even give them hope, just to be hit with a lawsuit and have it tossed out the window. I remember seeing this poster as a kid and thinking that it was so iconic, with its vibrant colors and the big word “HOPE” slapped on it. To this day, this poster is still never forgotten. Overall, this poster will always be regarded as one of the most influential posters to ever be designed, despite the misfortunes that occurred.