Internship Blog #4: Finally Secured an Internship!

Good news is that I finally secured an internship with Brooklyn College though it is only remote, which was somewhat convenient since I could save money and the troubles to commute to the college, but it would’ve been great to be in a work environment. Either way I was just glad I secured this Internship.

This week a Zoom Introductory meeting was set to virtually meet my Internship supervisor, Lisa and Owner of Pratt Strategic Planning Inc., Holly Pratt. Holly Pratt is the principal of her own construction company based in Staten Island. Her company strives for “Best Quality Customer Service in every project, assignment or opportunity”.  During the meeting, Holly was introducing her role and her line of work and pretty much what design elements she wanted for her website, LinkedIn profile, promotional items, etc. to spread the word about her company and really attract clients.

Overall, my tasks for this entire semester will be to learn how to apply a logo to different medium to create a brand image. Learn different areas of research material; communicate with vendors, etc.

Hope it goes well!