Attending the Poster Session on Thursday May 11th

Hi Class,

If you are available let’s plan on meeting on the second floor in the corridor between my office and the tech learning center at around 11 am and we can head over to the poster session together.

See you in the morning.

Prof. King

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Final Presentations begin next week~!

All teams need to be ready to present.

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Upload your PowerPoint Presentations for the Poster Team

Each team needs to upload all of their powerpoint presentations from this semester for use by the poster team.

Link to File Upload

The following students are on the poster team – and will receive extra credit:

Jonathan Hernandez

Jose Bello                  

Tasnuva Ahmed      

Gracy Dubon            

Liyuwork Ayalew    

Victor Green            

Raynard Landell      



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PowerPoint Template for Presentations

You can download the PowerPoint Template for student presentations

PowerPoint Template for Presentations

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Zoning Notes are now available

The lecture notes from the second day on Zoning are now available to you on the course documents page.


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Poster Session

Work on the poster is voluntary and will count as extra credit for those who participate and will help your semester grade.

The Poster Session will occur next Wednesday and Thursday.  We will need to have the poster completed by Tuesday.  If you are volunteering to help in the effort please email me or post a reply here.

It helps if the poster includes images in addition to words.  Things I think we should include would be to highlight the two field trips – how some of the materials or assignments or even the language of the assignments in both classes was more a combination of Mathematics and Site Planning language and the benefits you feel you experienced as a member of a learning community including friendship and support!

We should plan on meeting during the last 10 minutes of class to discuss this and set a plan.

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Quiz Reminder & Study Recommendations

Next Monday’s class will begin with a quiz on zoning and topography.  In addition to some short questions there will be 3-4 exercises to complete.  The exercises will include topography grading (just like we did together in class) and OSR and FAR calculations (again just like we did in class).

My recommendation is you study by reviewing the class notes I have posted and completing the exercise worksheets.  I recommend strongly that you repeat the topography grading exercises in preparation.

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Homework assignment on Sustainability and Zoning

Keep this assignment to one or two pages at most.  You can also submit this as an outline instead of as written paragraphs. – in fact  I would prefer this format.  MS Word document only.

What I am looking for is your ideas about how Sustainability and Zoning interact.

For example you could list and describe the ways that current zoning might limit our ability to make a building or a site sustainable


You could list and describe how you think the zoning rules should be modified to make them more sustainable and to encourage sustainable design in sites and buildings.


You could write your own new sustainable zoning code!




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FAR and OSR Worksheets have been posted for Download

These worksheets need to be completed and handed in on Monday at the beginning of our next class meeting.  If you will miss class for any reason scan and email me your answers by Midnight on Sunday.

Use these and the Topo-Exercises to study for the exam.


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The take home quiz has been posted. There are three exercises to complete.

Follow the link to download the sheets:  Go to Day-10

Download the quiz sheets now


You need to complete all three sheets.  Each sheet has two areas to work.  The top area is your practice space.  Anything you put in the practice space will not be graded.  The bottom window is for your final solution – only this part will be graded.

To complete the exercises work in the following order:

1.  Ignore the buildings and draw arrows indicating how the water flows with the present contours.

2. Draw arrows to represent where you would like the water to flow.  The goal here is to have the water flow around the buildings.

3. Draw the location of the new contours & then color in to indicate both “cut” and “fill” as needed.

Completed sheets are due Monday April 30th at the beginning of class.

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Topo Exercises with Sample Answers Have Been Posted

I have posted all of the Topo Worksheets so you can print nice clean copies and put together a nice set to hand in to me at our next class meeting. I have also included one sheet that is a compilation to some of the answers from the different exercises so you can use this as a guide when working on the take-home exam for the two other grading problems.

Go to Worksheets

I will look to post the Take-Home Grading Exam by Wednesday Night the 25th.

Good luck and post questions if you need help.

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The second Part of the Take Home Quiz is now Posted

The second part of the quiz with the updated Topographic Map is now available.  Please print and bring this completed to our next class meeting.

Take Home Quiz – Part 2 of 2

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Topography Lecture notes are now posted


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Part 1 of 2 – Take Home Quiz

Here is the first part of the take home quiz. I need to rework the second part with an updated and more accurate contour map. I hope to have that for you by Wednesday.

In the meantime you can get a head-start by downloading and completing the first half which will require you to do some calculations and some drawing – to scale.

The drawings and all calculations must be on the sheets I have provided and are due at the beginning of next class.

Take Home Quiz – Part 1 of 2

Remember also to bring colored pencils (red & blue and a normal no2 pencil with an eraser)

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Second Quiz Reminder

A reminder that there will be a second quiz on Monday April 16th –

The topic is “Circulation” – please refer to posted notes on lectures.

Please be on time to class as quiz will begin promptly at the start of class.

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Latest Lectures and Notes are Available

Hi Everyone,

The latest class notes and powerpoint lectures are now available to you.  Please follow the link:

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Quiz Reminder

In case you missed class we will be having an in class quiz that will begin at the start of class on Monday March 19th – Please be on time.

The quiz will cover the materials from our lesson from Climate – all of these are available under the documents section of this website.

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1. Microclimate Observations:

 What microclimates can you identify?
 What makes each one unique?
 What conditions create each of the microclimates you have identified?
 What could you do to modify the microclimates?

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2. Historic Observations & Research:

 Historical uses of Waterfront.
 Where do street and neighborhood names come from?
 Artifacts of the past? Do you see re-use?
 How does the past affect current and future uses?
 Are past uses beneficial or will they require remediation?
 Long term impacts and future development plans.

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3. Circulation Observations:

 Types of circulation
 (pedestrian, vehicular, bicycle routes, etc.)
 (public/private)
 Nodes and Transportation Hubs
 Are all modes compatible? Are their conflicts? Where do they cross?
 Wayfinding – what can you do to help people find their way?

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