The take home quiz has been posted. There are three exercises to complete.

Follow the link to download the sheets:  Go to Day-10

Download the quiz sheets now


You need to complete all three sheets.  Each sheet has two areas to work.  The top area is your practice space.  Anything you put in the practice space will not be graded.  The bottom window is for your final solution – only this part will be graded.

To complete the exercises work in the following order:

1.  Ignore the buildings and draw arrows indicating how the water flows with the present contours.

2. Draw arrows to represent where you would like the water to flow.  The goal here is to have the water flow around the buildings.

3. Draw the location of the new contours & then color in to indicate both “cut” and “fill” as needed.

Completed sheets are due Monday April 30th at the beginning of class.

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