Poster Session

Work on the poster is voluntary and will count as extra credit for those who participate and will help your semester grade.

The Poster Session will occur next Wednesday and Thursday.  We will need to have the poster completed by Tuesday.  If you are volunteering to help in the effort please email me or post a reply here.

It helps if the poster includes images in addition to words.  Things I think we should include would be to highlight the two field trips – how some of the materials or assignments or even the language of the assignments in both classes was more a combination of Mathematics and Site Planning language and the benefits you feel you experienced as a member of a learning community including friendship and support!

We should plan on meeting during the last 10 minutes of class to discuss this and set a plan.

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2 Responses to Poster Session

  1. victor says:

    I won’t be able to attend the actual session but one of the things i think that should be included in the poster is a three sentence max on the overall objective for each group.
    For my group, I came up with this… As part of the enviornmental and sustainability group, our focus is to redesign area of Downtown Brooklyn to be more self sufficient than what it currently is.

  2. Nataly says:

    What time would the poster session start and end on Wednesday and Thursday?

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