Grades and Missing Assignments

A couple of notes –

There is still time to improve your final grade – so please make the effort. There will be a quiz this Friday – this one will be take home. I will also be re-issuing the sun shadow study homework so that you can again raise your grades.

Also very important note for the afternoon section. Blackboard was incorrectly calculating your first quiz on a basis of 1 to 20 instead of 1 to 100. So a grade on this quiz of 20 – was actually a grade of 100 !!!! This has been corrected – each of your original scores has been multiplied by 5.

Last please check your blackboard – and see that you have a grade for every assignment and quiz. The exception at this point is the individual observation assignments and the take home topographic assignment that I am currently grading. If you are missing anything – you must provide it to me by Friday – no later.

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