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  1. For the climate strategies i noticed you said to build sun shelters which i think it’s a great idea and maybe there could be more research done on how people from the past commute in Brooklyn water front while the different weathers were occurring.. what did they stand near when there was too much sunlight, where did they go when it was too cold overall great presentation, for both classes.

  2. Roderick says:

    I like both your next steps. You guys might want to check out the transit museum at court street, they most likely have a lot of information to help with the history of the waterfront.

  3. Thanks for the comment I will really look into that. I sounds like a great idea. Also Prof. King recommended to us (the History group) to give an antique look to all additions. For example if we are adding a sun shelter maybe it can has the essence of an 1800’s type of roof, that existed in the Brooklyn Bridge.

  4. For Design strategies of the first presentation, they do have special occasions on brooklyn bridge park that have free movie screenings. Maybe a design strategy would be on how to make it better known to the public.

  5. francisco says:

    Some of the teams suggested a self-guided path that can direct visitors to the park, Which I think is a good and I share the idea of adding trees and plants to it, but I also think engraving history information, as passages or pictures of the waterfront, to the path ground would help direct and serve as information stations to the visitors. I also like the idea of adding more historical artifacts as the pm team mentioned.

  6. I like the suggestion of the second team to bring back history regarding the circulation theme. The train tracks can be use not only in the water front but also to create trails from nodes that tourist and visitors can follow.

  7. Matthew Ho says:

    A very well made presentation overall. Just a little nit-picking but as a professional presentation, one would want to avoid the use of personal pronouns, such as “I” and “We”. Also, might I recommend giving more insights on the possible effects of your design/circulation strategies. It would be a waste to restrict yourself to just past history. Researching the past to plan for the future is also a part of history.

    • Is a very good suggestion Matthew. Professionalism is important during presentations I will definitely exclude those words next time while presenting, and include the positive and negative effects of our design and circulation strategies. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

    • Is a very good suggestion Matthew. Professionalism is important during presentations I will definitely exclude those words next time while presenting, and include the positive and negative effects of our design and circulation strategies. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

  8. ousmanesene says:

    I love this Brooklyn Bridge Park history and the role play around Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Brooklyn’s Main Public and much more…. but they need to improve the presentation Design strategies.

  9. Fernando says:

    I think your team can get valuable information about the waterfront and specially the Brooklyn Navy Yard by visiting The Brooklyn Historical Society.

    • Sheily F. says:

      I agree with you fernando. Guys the Brooklyn Historical Society has a collection of books and historical maps. you can check out their website and open hours and it is very close to school.
      Brooklyn Historical Society
      128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY
      (718) 222-4111 ‎ · brooklynhistory.org

    • We would try to go to the Brooklyn Historical Society, I know we can get a lot of information there for of group. Thank you for the suggestion.

  10. Baljinder says:

    I really like the way the History of the Brooklyn Waterfront is displayed to us, in both presentations. And for the circulation strategy portions, what aspects do you think should be brought back that are MOST important to the history of the waterfront, and create a smooth circulation at the same time? Are there any old preservation’s, that can be used as a common area for people to be attracted to, so that way they can induce history as well as have a good time?

  11. You guys did a good job, I lik the circulation idea, and for design strategy restoration of the railroad and antiques would be risky, things are priceless

  12. Lennart Magi says:

    as far as design strategy goes, it is best to not modernize everything, ie demolish or repaint old factory walls that have the old advertisements on them. If you ask me there are ways to maintain that old historic look that many would like to see with “greener” materials.

  13. I really enjoyed your ideas about incorporating ideas from the way Brooklyn Bridge Park used to be like. In addition to that, maybe there could be more ideas on trying to bring people to the new park by using the old park as an example. Try to make it more of a site where people want to visit to see the old park

  14. I think the tobacco warehouse has a lot of use you should consider. Probably turn it into a historic museum or display

  15. Sheily F. says:

    I think it is very useful and interesting to have movie exhibitions showing and describing the history of the place as the evening group proposed. Also i agree with the addition of traffic signs to regulate the path to get to the park.

  16. Manli Xu says:

    Second History Presentation: Does any of the Unappealing Old Builing and/or forgotten structures has any significant historical value? Does any of them worth to restore rather than renovate or demolish?

  17. Manli Xu says:

    I love the ideal of creating a app for the history of downtown Brooklyn, it would be a great for tourists and locals.

  18. That is great idea, we can use. Thank you, I never though of it. Maybe creating a sapce in which we give an antique look to it, and conduct shows at certain time of the days. The shows will incorporate the Histoy of the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  19. shycior hung says:

    i found the 1st presentation not very thoughtful. I did not see your topic focused. more likely found it over repetitive info from the other team topics. As for the inventory, it will be great if you just inventory the historical sites from each location, such as the waterfront, the bridges, the railroad tracks, the old buildings (what were those). The assets are not nearly on the topic. It will be good to identify the benefits of the historical sites to the people and preservation in some ways. Liabilities are of course the bad things, since the down town brooklyn has an antique look from the 18th century, why not to identify the old materials used on the site not beneficial both for the community and the areas. design strategies, research more the ferryland location, waterfront, the park and other places and try how to reincorporate more like museum type of look, touristic attraction and a look from the 18th century. Circulation strategies, could be how to improve the paths towards the proposed attractions. climate strategies, think how the microclimates will affect your design proposal and overcome that type of liability.

    • Aura says:

      i really like the way the first presentation layout their slides. As well they pointed several of historical places that i wasn’t familiar. some suggestion is used the train track we found int he street as part of a historical circulation in order to attracted tourist.

    • Fernando says:

      Thanks for your in depth comment, but the topics that you pointed out we discussed in the presentation. As of now our team is researching in The Brooklyn Historical Society about the waterfront and the Brooklyn Navy Yard .
      Be sure to take a second look at our presentation , just in case you over looked some key ideas and facts that were presented.

  20. Aura says:

    In the second presentation, the design strategies suggested was unclear. For example, the ferry should be identical the ones in the past. What type of ferry were used in the past and for what they were used.

  21. Roderick says:

    I think a small sign with photos of how the NYC skyline has changed should be right at the waterfront. That way people can see the growth and change of the city that usually corresponds with something beyond just a new building. For example: The World Trade Center or The Empire State both had cultural significance for what was going on at the time they were erected/demolished. Just a suggestion, would really help with a visual and historic relationship between the waterfront and the city as a whole.

  22. Really enjoyed the second presentation because of the simple red lines they included. This linear segments help show a design interest and a further understanding of the site. I similarly find myself doing these sort of diagrams and find that they help amazingly. With that being said, I feel like the first group could take something away from the second. However, I am extremely intrigued by the mentioning of a possible app to point out historical points. This is truly a step to something original, and amazing.

    • juli says:

      thanks Jeremy for your comment it is greatly appreciated. We really like the idea of the phone app as well. If you could explain what you would like to see us have from the second presentation that would be great.

  23. yhass says:

    The waterfront is a historical site. If you cant get to it, what use is it. you need to access these sites with ease, especially for tourists. The App idea is great, but what can be BUILT to help lure people towards these areas. were is the traffic coming from? how can these people access the site without a hassle. Historical and circulation group should co-operate.

    • For the circulation I think that mainly people should be guide from the trains as well as from the Brooklyn bridge to the waterfront. From the waterfront all other piers and attraction areas are more easy to get to. Getting to the waterfront should be the priority. As a group we agree to use signs and the train tracks to do so, and since the waterfront is historical it is still part of our group mission.

  24. I think that bringing back the history of old Brooklyn to the are is a very good idea. I liked the idea about the train tracks and the area for people to sit by the ferrys.

  25. I do disagree with the old building aspect though. I like the older buildings, however I agree that some should be remodeled a bit, but maybe if the history was exposed more to the visitors and the information of them were made public it would be a good idea

  26. Good presentation overall. You pointed several of historical places that i wasn’t familiar with, I like the maps showing where to go to find each one of them I think that could be very useful for people that are not familiar with the site.

  27. Shadeen says:

    I rreally like the pm class presentation on bring back the railroad back will be unique to the site and could be use for a great circulation idea

    • Thank and yes definitely it will help in the circulation, and for my team since is history, the tracks should lead to more historical places and be point out by signs describing the history behind it. such as important names, battles and building.

  28. shycior hung says:

    I liked the organized layout of the pm presentation. in my opinion it would have been more adequate if your group took more photos of the historical sites and not too many words. Let the eyes of the audience interpret what they see. I didnt find your assets fully complete based on the history aspect. What about the different piers around the area, the tobacco warehouse, the historical building sites, more historical details about the park, etc.
    The design strategies need more work. needs more focus about the overall downtown brooklyn same as circulation strategies based on your history assets and liabilities. It will be better to go through one by one. I liked your strategies anyways about the ferry and the circulation improvements

    • Camile Brown says:

      Thank you for your comment @ shycior hung..we have not finalized or fully determine our historical strategies for the group on how we can incorporate more history in the downtown Brooklyn water front area. But will defiantly take into consideration many of the comments we have gotten.

  29. shycior hung says:


    this is a website you might find useful about historical info about the buildings by the waterfront and the old railroad tracks.

  30. shycior hung says:


    please take a look at this website. for those who are thinking to demolish either of the old buildings. Little did you know, there are 91 old buildings landmarked by the city. You might take a different approach towards your design strategies.

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