Revit #5 – Structural Drawings -Sunday Oct 29

Complete and post the following sheets:

  • Add concrete structural beams supporting the first floor
    • Size the concrete beams using the “rule of 16” from the tutorial
  • Add steel structural beams supporting the second floor
  • For all beams make certain the tags showing their sizes are shown
  • Create 2 structural building sections – across the entire building in opposite directions (one n-s and one e-w).
  • Add dimensions for column grid spacing
  • Make certain you are using the correct view templates so that only structural elements show in your drawings
  • Create a compete set of structural sheets (S-100, S-101, etc.)
    • Foundation Plan
    • Structural Plans for every level 1st to roof
    • Two structural Sections
  • Optional:  Create a cover sheet for the set using perspective or isometric views.
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