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Team 4_Team Schedule_WarrenW_AlanY_ZogP_ScarlettS

Word: WarrenW.AlanY.ZogP.ScarlettS.Group-Schedule-83017 PDF: WarrenW.AlanY.ZogP.ScarlettS._Group-Schedule-83017.pdf

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Meet Team 2

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MEET TEAM 6 – Charlie T. – Berrin V. – Chen-Hui Y. – Brandon D.

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group 4 interview( jennifer, elizabeth, alexis)

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group #3 (class 11:30)

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Current Work 830 Class

Fix Team Post – Use your names in the post name – add category 1 slide as a jpg – opens in a new tab Confirm – Sign and Post Team schedule on openlab Create Team OpenLab Site (one team … Continue reading

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Team 3 Interview (Saribel.R Ying.R Kebba.M Francisco.M)

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King Test Sample Post of JPG File

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Meet Team 4

Meet team 4

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Team 4…interview_083017/…4schedule_083017/

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