Structural Drawings – Graded Submission

This set of drawings will receive a grade.  The work is due posted on Wednesday  evening by midnight.  I am giving you an extra day because Tuesday is Halloween.

Include the following:

  1. Cover sheet
    1. Include the structural drawings list and at least 2 3d images (perspective or isometric) – compose the sheet to be well organized.  Images should be in hidden line and should show only structural elements.  No color.
  2. Structural Plans from Foundation up to Roof Level
    1. Foundation Plan
      1. Shows foundation wall, concrete columns, footing of the foundation walls and isolated footing for the columns.  Include column grids with dimensions.  If you have a pool this should be shown with its own foundation wall and footing.  Also dimension and locate the pool slab opening.
    2. First Level
      1. Shows first floor concrete slab, all slab openings, concrete beams that hold up the first floor concrete slab, with their size tags.  These beams need to be sized using the rule of 16. Make sure the tags are not on top of other graphics – move them as required.  You should be able to see both the steel columns that start on the first floor and the concrete columns on the floor below.  Include column grids with dimensions.  Add dimensions for all slab openings.
    3. Second, Third etc.
      1. Show slabs, columns, beams and slab openings.  Columns & Beams are steel. You do not need to size these as of yet – they can all be the same size of your choosing.  We will size them at a later point in the semester. Show column grids with dimensions & dimensions slab openings.
    4. Roof
      1. Follow the same directions for the Second, Third. etc. Floors
  3. Two Structural Sections
    1. Sections should be cut across in two directions N-S / E-W.  If you have a major slab opening like an atrium or a pool then the sections should cut through these.  I will be checking to see that the basement slab is at the correct level and the the footing is properly located.  Make sure the basement and first floor slabs are concrete (not generic) and the slab for the second floor to the roof are concrete on metal deck.

Please pay attention to detail when you complete this set of drawings. You can lay them out one or two plans per sheet provided they fit.  All title-blocks are to be 22 x 34, with your name and photo, the sheet number and sheet name.  Structural drawings are prefixed with an S.  Remember this assignment will receive a latter grade.

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