My name is Keisha A. Fraser. I am a soon-to-be graduate of New York City College of Technology’s Dental Hygiene Program, Class of 2018. I have created this e-portfolio to share with you what I have achieved in my two years. I have always had a passion for providing healthcare services to patients. My journey begins long before I entered New York City College of Technology’s Dental Hygiene Program. More than 10 years ago as a senior in High School I was apart of a program titled New Visions (, which exposed me to various fields of medicine. One field that surprisingly stuck out to me was Dentistry and I wasn’t even interested in it! Fast forward some years and I obtain my Bachelors in Anthropology, with a focus in Forensic Sciences. I had every intention of pursuing that career but a national tragedy unfortunately helped me realize that it just wasn’t the field for me. I was admittedly lost after having out so much into the career I thought I wanted. I thought back to my time at New Visions and my interest in Dentistry peaked again. I attended New York City School for Medical and Dental Assistants where I graduated with top marks. My first and only job in the field of Dentistry pushed me toward pursing a degree in Dental Hygiene. Today I am weeks away from graduating with a A.A.S degree in Dental Hygiene. I am ready to finally enter that field that has been my calling for years. I hope to make a lasting impression on the general public on the importance of oral care, as well as be instrumental in pushing our profession into a new and higher phase.