MAT1275CO D006

Professor Kan, Fall 2023

Exam #3 Corrections, Due Sunday, 12/17, 11:59pm

  • On the first page, answer these questions.
    • 1. Did you take advantage of the extra credit?
      • If yes, do you think it helped? What method(s) did you use to help you answer the review sheet questions?
      • If no, why not?
  • Redo the incorrect problems in full. This means any problem where you got points off, even if the answer is correct and part of the solution is not.
  • Problems must be done correctly. You will receive half the points (rounded up) for a problem that is redone.
  • Redone problems must be done on a separate sheet of paper, numbered, and uploaded as a separate file. Follow rules for using Dropbox and renaming the file.
  • Name the file with lastname firstinitial date exam3correction.pdf
  • Example: kanb1214exam3correction.pdf
  • You do not need to redo a problem that was marked correct. Any problem that has deductions is a problem that is marked incorrect.
  • The problems must be done with a City Tech tutor, ASAP tutor (if you are a part of the program), SEEK tutor (if you are a part of the program), or our class’ peer leader.
  • Look on the OpenLab website for the schedule of tutors. Go to “Help & Resources” and “Tutoring” to find it. You can use tutors from the Atrium Learning Center, Perkins Tutoring (Math department), SEEK (if you are a part of the program), or ASAP (if you are a part of the program).
  • Have the tutor or peer leader verify with me that you attended and got help. This can be:
  • Email me with any questions.

OpenLab Assignment #10, due Monday 12/4, 8am

  • These OpenLab assignments are designed to give you the maximum effectiveness when done on time. Please make sure you complete this by the due date listed.
  • Click here to download the worksheet. Click here to watch the video.
  • If you need additional help beyond the first video, click here to find more.
  • Answer the questions on the companion worksheet. You can print out the sheet and answer the questions directly there, or you can write your answers on a separate piece of paper. You do not need to rewrite the questions themselves.
  • Submit your work by uploading to Dropbox. Follow the steps on this video to upload as a pdf (multi-page if necessary), and rename the file accordingly:
  • lastname firstinitial date assignment10.pdf
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