First of 1,000 steps

Source: Unsplash by Robert Bye

So after months of creating newsletters and covers for my internship I finally Sent in my email to let them know I am leaving. With the next school semester being my final I want to do everything I can to have no distractions and to be able to focus just on those final courses. This was my first experience working for a company and I think it was a nice first step into seeing how the real work functions communication with team leaders, quick application of suggestions and advice to fix work that will be shown publicly It’s kind of nerve wrecking at first but that was a hurdle I had to go over if I wanted to ever be a real professional designer. Now I’m just thinking of what to do after graduation I already have plans to move to a new state to get a fresh look at things and to see how design sensibilities are shared and contrasted with how things are done in New York. Before anything else I have to pass my final courses this coming semester that’s the final educational barrier before I can do  anything else with my professional design carrer.