Networking for beginners

Image source from Unsplash by Omar Flores

After some time at my internship I had some time to think back about my time trying to find my own internship and that’s when I thought to myself “I need to research how to do some networking.” My professors’ network helped me get my position but they’re not gonna be there forever. I had to learn how to create my own network and here’s what I found. Of course there was the more obvious advice like going out to professional mixers and trading information but unfortunately with COVID still being the major pandemic that it is it’s a lot harder to make the most out of this option. Next is the use of social media which is much more easily accessible to me I personally don’t use social media but this isn’t the time for me to be introverted First i’d need to do some research on what good designer accounts look like then i’ll have to gather my work and adjust it for the format. It’s not a major start but we all have to start somewhere.