Corona in the work place

Source from Unsplash by CDC

After 2 years of the world having to live with COVID-19 everyone had to do their part to change and adapt to all the new restrictions being put on us. From the limit to crowd gatherings, everyone being required to wear masks and mandatory vaccines all parts of all industries did their part to fight this disease. In the case of my internship the entire thing is done online through the use of a shared email for everyone in my department and through the use of a messaging program called Rock. While I lose the ability to have in person interactions with these industry professionals it’s still useful for me to have the ability to get in touch with my supervisors at any time of the day. This is also one of the benefits of working in the design industry. Everything is already digital anyway so it’s easier on us to adapt to off site working conditions things are going smoothly because of it so I hope things will continue to go that way for the foreseeable future.