Journal Four

I think one of the first thing that I’ve learned is the importance of file management, and taking my time, especially when in times of great stress, like when the deadline is closing in. When files are mismanaged, or projects are rushed, I find it’s a worse look to higher-ups then if one were to have fewer projects of a higher quality. I also think that higher ups will always push employees to work harder, and push out more content, but if you become to caught up in trying to satisfy that, it’ll hurt you in the end.

I learned that recently when after coming out with at least one new project every time I was there, and often more, that many times I didn’t have the files saved, or didn’t take the time to link Adobe After Effects files properly so that they would be immediately usable on another computer.
If I’d taken a slower approuch and sent out less work, but made sure that each piece was proper, I wouldn’t have had to rush back and fix everything, or had to explain it to my supervisor.