Meetup App Review

Networking is incredibly important to Graphic Design, with such a small field where we can know so many people so quickly, it’s easy to find things intimidating and now really sure how to go about breaking in. Meet up accomplishes this by being an aggregator for events, you might find a club for writers, or a club for readers, a music club, and so on, design is often somewhere in the mix…

The app and website allow the user to join groups as an easy way to get updated regularly on meetings,a nd I find the platform is more useful for people that want something consistent, weekly or monthly, as opposed to other platforms such as Eventbrite.  Regardless this can be good since one can join a group that’s specific to them self, or even make one themselves.

The app is a bright red on white which wakes one up, with the white background there isn’t anything competing for the user’s attention, and a calender feature allows an easy way to see every event from your groups, so it’s genuinely hard to keep track. Aside from this there is a discover feature for more groups, and joining is easy with Facebook, Google, and regular email, all being options.

I think if one is looking for a way to know absolutely everything going on in NYC Eventbrite wouldn’t be the way to go, it’s too reliant on consistent groups, however, if one is looking to see if there’s a club or group in NYC to join in on, then this would definetely be a good way to go about finding one.