Journal Three

One of the things I’ve learned at my internship, was how to work in the Abobe programs I use less often, specifically Adobe After Effects. At my internship there are plenty of jobs that need to get done for the company, but most of them seem to have to do with it’s social media. As a fashion brand, one that focuses on important issues and topics, it has to keep itself within the minds of the people, so there’s a lot of Instagram content, specifically video content.

One of the things I had to learn first thing was how to come up with short form videos, it was particularly frustrating considering that I never really use After Effects all that much, any skill I had was from Adobe Animate, or Adobe Premiere, and the general design consistency shared between all the Adobe programs.

oing this, it made me realize that the graphic design industry, and maybe jobs in general, aren’t as clear cut and predictable as one would think. Sometimes I’m learning things on the fly, or looking up aspects of the program I don’t know. Sometimes I come up against problems I’ve never had before, so I’ve learned that I have to be able to think on the fly, but also that in general, it pays to know more then what would be expected of me from my resume and cover letter.