Video Project D.M.F

The above link will go to the video. In my opinion, it was a cool assignment. I had to take something from myself and use it as an autobiography, then creating a short video with it. I had to include royalty-free music, and a small explanation. Personally, the challenges I faced was that firstly, I had to resort to my phone to use iMovie because of issues with my computer. Then, the bottom half of my phone screen decided to become un-clickable, so thanks Apple, who I now need to go see. Otherwise, the only big issue is the drop in quality of the pictures I included in the video. It was quite annoying that high-quality pictures now look to be anywhere from 480-720p. I did learn and understand that having the ability to create videos or edit them is very helpful in the long run long, and it widens the skill set one can have. It’s important to not limit yourself to one or two skills, especially when the opportunity to learn more is there.

Virgil Abloh : The Creative

Jordan Stanley

   My creative of choice is Virgil Abloh. Virgil Abloh is the current Men’s Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton and the founder of the Milan-based label Off-White. He has a vast creative background, which includes, and is certainly not limited to, interning at Fendi in 2009, in 2011 directed the art of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album cover, in 2012 launching Pyrex Vision, Off-White, and Been Trill, in 2017 directing a music video for Lil Uzi Vert, a shoe collaboration with Nike, and a collaboration with Ikea. Before all this though, he was just Virgil Abloh born in 1980 on September 30th at Rockford, Illinois. He attended the Boylan Catholic High School and graduated in 1998. In 2006, he completes his undergrad in civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to his undergrad, he completed his master’s in architecture also in 2006, at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

1. Watch The Throne 2011
Credit : Billboard
2.Bella Hadid walking in the Off-White FW20 Ready-To-Wear fashion show.
Credit : Vogue
3.Off-White Ikea Collaboration “Still Loading” Rug
Credit : Stock X

Two statements by him that truly show his mindset as a designer and a creative is, “The only failure is not to try…. It’s the amount of work, the refinement of that work, that will define who you are as a creative,” and “Pick your mentors and understand what makes their work tick.” Virgil Abloh is inspired by many people and things, whether dead or alive. For example one of his Women’s collections were inspired by the late Princess Diana. He included a picture (shown below) on his instagram. He has also been influenced this year by the Black Lives Matter Movement, producing clothing items and supporting their cause. 100% of these items proceeds went towards Chicago CRED, which focuses on reducing gun violence by creating opportunities in fashion. 

1. An image board including many of Princess Diana’s outfits.
Credit : Virgil Abloh – “One Woman, 40 Off White looks in the works come September”
2.“I support young black businesses” hoodie by Virgil Abloh
Credit : Farfetch

   He has had a plethora of exhibits, fashion shows upon fashion shows, which not only show his range of talents but also where influence is drawn. For Off-White’s spring/summer 2020 menswear show in Paris he gathered influence from the graffiti scene in 1980s New York.  

Model wearing a piece of clothing made by Virgil Abloh and Futura, showcasing influence from NYC’s 1980 graffiti scene.
Credit : The Guardian

In this other picture, (shown below) he includes clothing pieces influenced by track and field. It included a blend of sporty and fashionable silhouettes. By doing so, he created a fusion of fashion and sports. This specific fashion show included people by the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Janice Dilone, the Hong Kong high jumper Cecilia Yeung, and the British sprinter Dina Asher Smith. 

Model pictured wearing a piece from the S/S 19 Off – White collection at the Paris Fashion Show.
Credit : hypebae and Kim Weston Arnold

He’s been influenced by color theory, the Wizard of Oz, and simply vocabulary words such as psychedelia, tie dye, and rainbow. He claimed his new design vocabulary, influenced by already existing things as said above, writing an A to Z dictionary of terms related to his collection, each having his own definition and explanation of the idea aroused with it.  For example, “R for Rainbow is a kaleidoscopic palette evolving from off-white to polychromatic, synchronously forming a holographic arch known to represent dreams. A Motif in The Wizard of Ox, which provides construct to the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.” Pictured below are models from this very fashion show.

1. Playboi Carti wearing pieces from the Louis Vuitton SS 19 collection, designed by Virgil Abloh.
2. Model wearing all white outfit during SS 19 fashion show, standing out against a kaleidoscopic background
Credit : dezeen

  Virgil Abloh is one of the most influential and well-watched creatives, but even he has gained knowledge by being influenced himself. He was won award upon award, where a shortlist would include Urban Luxe Brand Award at the British Fashion Awards 2017, and the International Designer of the Year Award at the GQ Awards in 2017 as well.

Virgil Abloh at the GQ red carpet 
Credit : GQ


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Visual Quote – Style Is A Way To Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak

In my first concept, I thought to go with minimalism, using just lips and lineage to get my point across. After receiving feedback, I agreed that I can do more to use the space, and that led to concept 2.
Now in this concept which led to my last and final concept, I decided to stick to the minimalism idea, but expand and not only use lips but to create a face out of the lineage. The background stayed the same but the face appeared and the lines I changed to just black and white, because the red felt too “Christmas”
This was the final concept and image. I went ahead and made the background darker, added lines on the sides to take more space, and more than one speech line. The whole idea was to have this face, in a minimalistic way, getting across that only your style is neccessary to speak for you, leading to have a dark background and the yellow and old english font popping out.


Logo Research Paper

Jordan Stanley
COMD 1112 – Digital Media Foundations October 20, 2020
Prof. M. Brown

*This is their current logo!*


“Glory, glory Man United; Glory, glory Man United; Glory, glory Man United; As the Reds go marching on, on, on!” This is the lyrics of a song that rings out on the football pitch as a Manchester United game goes on. A song like this cannot be sung about a team without history, and their logo represents that. The present logo, introduced in 1998, contains a red and yellow crest and semicircular frames; showing off a ship, an image of a devil, two footballs on the far left and right, and the words Manchester and United on the top and bottom arcs. As you can see, at the top is a ship. The ship is a symbol of urban trade since Manchester is one of the main port communities in England. The use for the red devil image and adoption of the nickname is owed to Sir Matt Busby, one of the most well-known managers of the team, as he was the reason Manchester United adopted the term; as he was inspired by the nickname of the rugby team Salford City “Les Diables Rouges.” The nickname sprouted the right for it to be on the logo. The two footballs are there quite frankly because of the sport, and the words “Manchester United” because of the name. Sir Matt Busby and the Manchester United council is responsible for the design of the logo. Now, this may appear as a very appealing logo, but it took many iterations to get to this point



Now the team was first dubbed the Newton Health LYR Football Club in 1878, and the logo you may see in the above image doesn’t apply, because though a graphic was made, it was not used on the shirts of the players. Now the first true crest of Manchester United, which barely represents the current design, was introduced in 1902. It comes across as a lot with a first look but it contains “a shield with three yellow stripes, a ship, a heraldic hoofed wolf with antlers of a moose, a lion, bees, a knight’s helmet, and the motto “Concilio Et Labore.” The crest is based on the Manchester Coat of Arms, the globe at the top representing their global trading dominance, and the bees represent a token of perseverance. The rose on the lion and “antelope” is the symbol of Lancashire, the county that Manchester belongs. The motto means wisdom and effort, and the three stripes represent the three rivers, Medlock, Irwell, and Irk.

Now, this is definitely a lot to take in off of the first look, hence why the logos to come after barely including any of the original parts. In the 1960s, a simplified logo was unveiled, using a top and bottom banner with the words Manchester United and Football Club, respectively. A red, white, and black color scheme was adopted and included two roses by the arches. The shield showed only the ship and stripes, altogether an ode to the fresh style of football that United was playing at that time.

Now from the 1970s to the present time, you have a logo that has little changes throughout, becoming the one known worldwide. Sir Matt Busby adopted the Red Devils tag, and a devil replaced the stripes representing an intimidating presence in world football. The white lettering on the banners changed to gold; the color scheme as a whole

changed to red and yellow, and removed, was the phrase “Football Club” with “United” moving from the top banner onto the bottom. Replacing the roses is the duo footballs, and the text used, in 1998, went from a thinner, bunched up lettering, to a BOLDER, spaced out and stronger lettering; which is actually a quite simple San-serif font. That altogether brings a logo of the most successful English football club of all time. It can be spotted on their players’ kits, which are now made by Adidas, the Manchester United website, videos games such as FIFA, and everywhere that this team is talked about; whether that be ESPN, Sky Sports, Newspapers, Blogs, everywhere!


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My Bio

My name is Jordan Stanley, and I am studying Communication Design at NYC College of Technology. At first I wanted to do this major due to it exploring into graphic design, but afterwards learning that it touches on a ton of different subjects, such as photography, typography, videography and video editing. When I do finish this major, taking everything I’ve learned I’ll be able to go many routes creatively. My hobbies are usually, photography, watching sports, graphic design, and fashion. I like taking pictures, as well as having pictures taken of me. I enjoy creating pieces, whether that’s designing clothes, or sewing them. I’ve been into soccer since I was about 5, and its stuck with me ever since. My main creative influences come from people of music and fashion, such as Kanye West, Yves Saint Laurent, Anna Wintour, Jean Paul Gaultier, and so on. My main one, as listed first, is Kanye West though. As it shown to me somebody who no matter what obstacle or opinions sprout, always manages to reach the goal they set. From his beginnings in music to entering the fashion world. It shows me that my creative mindset holds no bond, and I have the ability, along with drive and persistence, to reach and accomplishment what I set out to do.