About Me

To kickoff this site I’d like to introduce Jesus Santos as not only a student in Communication and design, but also as a passionate person who is able to work and collaborate to create new technology in the emerging medias and tech world. Jesus Santos in his past has worked with Photoshop and Java learning the fundamentals, not only that but Jesus has worked with Karavan, helping them with their growth, Jesus was in charge of their social media.. Aside from the programming Jesus has also had experience working with the elderly at a senior center, and worked with sixth, seventh and eighth graders supervising them and providing a safe working environment. Through these experiences Jesus Santos has developed great people skills. Currently he is perusing his bachelors degree in Communication and Design.

In addition to these skills, he has also started working on current projects like his photography hobby. Not only that but he has started developing his skills in Adobe Illustrator. In the past he has worked with Zinage a company who was willing to let him work on their Brite Class video tutorials. Jesus has worked with companies to better his skill set and has even choreographed student plays. Jesus Santos has a wide variety of skills that will continue to improve throughout his career.