“What is Education?”, that was the question my educational psychology professor posed to the class. Making clear the fact that there may not be a singular answer to that question. One answer may be, education teaches us how to behave in society. Education teaches us the necessary skills to secure a “good” job. Education teaches us how to be better humans and overall contributors to society. I tend to agree with the latter being the most appropriate answer to tackle the “what is education?” question.

My teaching philosophy is, education is a transformative power that is transcendental. To elaborate, education should transform an individual’s character, behavior, and world-view. While increasing  emotional, cognitive, and physical intelligence. To me, education is not about smarts, or good grades, because if that is all that is accomplished, then why is education so limited? I think there is more to just smarts and good grades (while fully aware how important these concepts are) when it comes to education. I truly believe education has the power to transform ones life, if the individual is willing to participate and receive all that education has to offer. It goes beyond just securing a “good” job, or being smart, or getting good grades.

I disseminate my teaching philosophy into:

  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Technology