Courses Taught:

ENGL 473: Creative Biographies (University of North Carolina Asheville)

ENGL 300: Writing Center Pedagogy (University of North Carolina Asheville)

ENGL 110: First-Year Writing (City College of New York)

Thirst and Glitter: Queer Poetics (Poets House)

Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar (FIQWS) 110: First-Year Writing (City College of New York)

ENGL 210.07: Writing for Engineers  (City College of New York)

FIQWS 110: Self and Other in Literature (City College of New York)

FIQWS 110: That’s So Gay!: An Introduction to Queer Texts in the US (City College of New York)

ENGL 2150: Vlogs, GIFs, Twine and Macros: Multimodal Writing (Baruch College)

Digital Pedagogy for a Digital Age (Catapult)

Learning Experience Design and Mentored Undergraduate Research Fellow / Mellon-CUNY Humanities Alliance Fellow, Borough of Manhattan Community College and CUNY Humanities Alliance, August 2021 – present

  • Black Studies Across the Americas – Presidential Grant Funded-curriculum project collaborator with Departments of Ethnic and Race Studies and Internships and Experiential Learning;
  • Focus on developing student support in cohort-based success programs;
  • Collaborate with BMCC OpenLab to expand programming and help documentation;
  • Collaborate with BMCC Learning Academy (BLA) director on programming and developing curricular resources for BLA-enrolled students, develop outreach materials for recruiting undergraduates;
  • Collaborate with Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CETLS) on developing workshops and programming focused on access pedagogy for faculty, curricular design for departments and majors, and consulting on UX and web accessibility on digital resources;

Digital Project Consultant, Recovery Hub for American Women Writers – Coordinating Council for Women in History at Southern Illinois University, March 2021 – present
Support researchers and scholars developing projects with the Recovery Hub, focused on centering writing by American women writers marginalized out of canonical literary studies; focus on web accessibility, plain language, and UX.

Web Development and Documentation Fellow, CUNY Humanities Alliance, August 2019 – June 2021

  • Provide ongoing technical support for graduate teaching fellows and students at LaGuardia Community College;
  • Focus on digital pedagogy development, WordPress troubleshooting and network management, and sharing best practices for accessibility, navigability, and flexibility teaching online; 
  • developing new site architecture for revamped Humanities Alliance site, including curating standout content from previous courses, developing intuitive and simple UX, and centering web accessibility on the CUNY Academic Commons using HTML/CSS

CEO, Rice-Evans Consulting LLC, August 2018 – present

  • Patient Advocate specializing in chronic illness and coordinating complex care
  • Collaborate with clients on developing academic articles, professional documents, including resumes/CVs, cover letters, application materials for grants and graduate school, and creative manuscripts
  • Co-Chair of English Student Association 2020 Conference Disability is Not A Metaphor: Access and Accessibility 
  • Doctoral Student Association Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee 2020 – present
  • Consult on CUNY-wide and campus-specific pedagogy projects: Humanities Alliance Graduate Fellowship program;
  • Consult on and coordinate educational and cultural events in New York City, focusing on broad-scale access protocols for in-person and distance events during COVID-19
  • Consult on disability justice programming, equity, and inclusion in publishing and poetry

Digital Pedagogy Fellow, OpenLab at City Tech, May 2018 – present

  • Workshop and Pedagogy Coordinator: Open Digital Pedagogy in Gateway Courses; Creating Your Course Site; Working With Your Students; Supporting Student Success; Getting Started on the OpenLab; Designing and Assessing Student Work on the OpenLab; Grow Your Club on the OpenLab; 
  • Coordinate, schedule, and manage communications announcing community events and workshops through social media, MS Outlook, and scheduling softwares; 
  • Provide in-person and asynchronous support to faculty, staff, and student members on WordPress, BuddyPress, course architecture, accessibility, and others; 
  • Develop, submit, and present at local and regional conferences;
  • Collaborate on instructional design and materials for college-wide adoption of distance learning during COVID-19; 
  • Create multimedia support, including screencasts, audio instructions, and interactive workshop materials focused on curriculum design for distance learning and digital pedagogy;  
  • Perform routine testing for software updates and releases, WordPress functionality, plugins;
  • Manage bug tracking and ticket reporting to developers using Basecamp and Redmine;
  • Author and update help documentation with new software releases

Writing Associate, The Cooper Union Center for Writing, August 2016 – December 2018

  • Provide weekly one-on-one support to art, engineering, and architecture undergraduates and graduate students in core humanities coursework, project-centered capstones, and application materials. 
  • Worked with many international students and multiply-marginalized students seeking mentorship from anti-racist and abolitionist educators in solidarity with student organizing against racist curricular requirements and a dearth of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled educators employed at Cooper. 
  • Attended senior capstone openings and presentations.