The Uninhabitable (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019)

ACNE (under review)

HONOR // SHAME (Gap Riot Press, 2018)

NOON (dancing girl press, 2018)

The Rotting Kind (Ghost City Press, 2017) (press release)

Soft Switch (Damaged Goods Press, 2016)

Recent & Forthcoming – Scholarly:

“‘Hope is a Practice’: Reflections on Graduate Labor, White Saviorism, and Coping in the Peri-Academy” with Andréa Stella and Anna Zeemont in Kairos (forthcoming 2022)

What Can A Body Do? book review in Disegno, 2021 (print only)

“Crazy Femme Pedagogies: Towards a Femme Labor Archive” with Andréa Stella in Madness in Academia edited volume (forthcoming)

#Triggered: The Invisible Labor of Traumatized Doctoral Students” with Andréa Stella in Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, 2021

“Untitled I,” “Young Volcano,” “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” and “Untitled II” in University of Arizona Poetry Center series Poetry and Environmental Justice curated by Kay Ulanday Barrett, June 2021

“On Burnout, On Rest: Pandemic Pedagogy,” City Tech OpenLab, April 2021

Co-Author, “Open Letter to Haymarkets Books and the Poetry Community,” 2021

Open Access Pedagogy: A Manifesto” in Anti-Ableist Composition Collective, 2020

“Open Access Pedagogy Manifesto” (nonfiction) in Open Educational Resources folio on Manifold, 2020

Recent & Forthcoming – Creative:

“Patron Saint of Lost Causes” and “[ Interlude with Essay abt Pain]” in Blanket Sea

“Pills” and “All I’m looking for is a ceremony” forthcoming in Beauty is a Verb Vol. 2

“Interlude: Anti,” “Meds Interlude,” and “Interlude with Essay abt Pain” in Sinister Wisdom (forthcoming)

“Symptoms” and “Kodiak” (poetry) in Yes Poetry’s The Queer Body, 2020

“Blood Powers,” “Specimen: Men,” “Interlude w Affirmations,” and “Specimen: Become A Bright Wind” in DREGINALD

“Femme Madness” with Andréa Stella in Mad Scholars Anthology edited volume (forthcoming)

“Symptoms” and “Kodiak” (poetry) in Yes Poetry’s The Queer Body, 2020

“Open Access Pedagogy Manifesto” (nonfiction) in Open Educational Resources folio on Manifold, 2020

“Exploding Access: Trauma, Tech, and Embodiment” (nonfiction) in Visible Pedagogy, 2019

“Kam Hilliard: ‘a city grrl lured,’ PERCEIVED DISTANCE FROM IMPACT” (book review) in Heavy Feather Review, 2017

“[ Wild Interlude ]” in Glass Poetry Poets Resist, 2018

Three poems in glittermob, 2018

Two poems in Nat. Brut folio Beyond Resilience, 2018

“Genre Anarchy: Queering Literacy” (nonfiction) in Entropy, 2017


Public Books interview with Jesse Rice-Evans and Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, 2020

The Uninhabitable Book Review” by Hannah Taylor in Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, 2020.

“The Language of Pain, Illness, and Healing” in Apogee Magazine, 2019

“An Interview with Jesse Rice-Evans” in Homology, 2019“A Conversation with Zefyr Lisowski and Jesse Rice-Evans” in Seafoam Magazine, 2018