ABD Ph.D. in English | Composition & Rhetoric, CUNY Graduate Center, expected 2023 | GPA: 4.0

Student Mentor, 2018-2020 | Co-Chair, GC Poetics Group, 2019-2021 | Co-Chair, Comp-Rhet Community, 2019-present | Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee, 2018-present | Disability Studies, Neuroqueer Rhetorics, Access Pedagogy, and Instructional Design | Demonstrated competency in HTML/CSS and French | Designed graduate seminar ENGL 80600: What is (a) body? (SP 2019) | Dissertation: Femme Rhetorics: Intersections of Embodied, Digital, and Disabled Languaging | Committee: Carmen Kynard, Amy Wan, Eric Lott

M.Phil. in English | Composition & Rhetoric, CUNY Graduate Center, 2021 | GPA: 4.0

M.A. in Language & Literacy, City College of New York, 2017 | GPA: 4.0 Summa Cum Laude | Focus: Genre Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Center Pedagogy | President, Institute for the Emergence of 21st-Century Literacies, 2016-2017 | Courses: Composition Pedagogies, The Teaching of Composition and Literature, How the Eye Writes: Living in a Visual World, Basic Writing Theory & Practice, Race & Gender Theory in the Undergraduate Humanities Classroom