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Characters Sirena Culmination

These are the detailed description of the two characters in the game.

  • Duma – Our protagonist, a 20 year-old mermaid born in the Lost City of Erdia. Due to her strict parents, she wasn’t allowed to venture outside the city but she loves the stories of the outside. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she sneaks out of the city to go on an adventure!
  • Ares – The Former King of Erdia, also known as the King of Misfortune. His string of horrible luck always dragged others with him, causing catastrophe everywhere he would go. Ares is the reason the city is sealed up and the cause of everything else you spot throughout Duma’s adventure.

Characters Culmination

Locations Sirena Culmination

These are the Locations of Sirena through text.

  • The Lost City Of Erdia – A civilization were mermaids live. Outside of its walls lies a cavern that leads to a beautiful underground temple that used to be on the surface. First level of the game.
  • The Wreck of Sylvia – The waters are slightly contaminated with a shipwreck spewing out oil from the ship. Second Level of the game.
  • Polluted Waters – Decaying plants and wildlife. This is uncharted waters with the mermaid of Ares in the center of it. Final Level of the game.

Locations Sirena

Dark Fog

1. Implementation of Terrain, Trees, and Grass

2. Added Post Processing to make the game look pretty.

3. Grabbing Functionality and Crucifixes Collecting

4. Changed many times from Distance Grab to Regular Grab

5. Video Trailer

6. Added Lighting for the Game

Dark Forest

  1. Made the Game Through a VR Unity Experience
  2. Implemented A forest in the terrain
  3. A flashlight that moves around as you look around through the VR headset
  4. As you walk towards the pages, it collects and goes onto your score.
  5. A waypoint system that doesn’t show up through the VR
  6. Immersive sounds as you walk around with wind.

Android AR

Step 1: Go into Unity Hub, Installs, Add Modules and click on Android.

Step 2: Create a New File

Step 3: Go into File Settings, Build Settings, Android and then Switch Platform.

Step 4: Go into Window, Package Manager, Click Advanced and then Preview Packages

Step 5: Import AR Foundation, AR Subsystem, ARCore XR Plugin

Step 6: Go into Project Settings, Player, Other Settings, Android Logo,  Change Package Manager, Uncheck Multithreaded Rendering, Remove Vulcan and Check ARMv7.

Step 7: Remove Main Camera

Step 8: Right Click Hierarchy and add AR Session Origin, AR Session and a Cube.

Step 9: Click AR Session Origin and then AR Camera, Tag MainCamera

Step 10: Move the Cube Further from the Camera and Rotate it

Step 11: File, Build Settings, Make sure Run Device is your Android and hit Build. Transfer the file into your Android.

Step 12: Open the File in your Android and Eureka, it works!


Step 1: Made An Account
Step 2: Add Project, Gave it a Name and Clicked Basic
Step 3:  Took a Picture of a poster in my house placed it on the “Drop Image Here”.
Step 4: Downloaded a video off of YouTube with a Green Screen and placed it on “Drop Video Here”.
Step 5: Checked “This Video is Transparent
Step 6: Changed The RGB to Green Only
Step 7: Pressed Add on the bottom and then the option in the middle that says “Yes, Please Adjusts The Video”
Step 8: After it’s being processed, press play and you get to witness magic happen.
Step 9: Open the app on your phone and go to the poster and boom, it works.

Anime Sword Art Online

Jordin De La Rosa

-Pick an anime or movie

Sword Art Online

-Brief description of the show

The description of the show is that you follow the main protagonist named Kirito and this VR game has finally been released called Sword Art Online. Many citizens around the world purchased the game and were able to log in seamlessly.  After a while of everybody playing the game, some people are ready to call it quits for the day but the logout button isn’t there. A strange entity tells everyone in the game that they are forced to stay logged into the game until somebody beats the game. Everyone’s avatar comes to life and looks like how they look in real life. If they are killed in the game, they are killed in real life. Also, if someone were to remove it in real life, a shock will be sent straight to the brain and the user will be killed. 

A game of life or death, who will survive this fantasy world?

-What XR apparatus do they use?

The XR apparatus they use is Virtual Reality called NerveGear created by Argus.

-Who uses it and for what purpose?

The people that use it are citizens willing to play NerveGear where they are put into this sleep and have full control of their avatar once they’re in this virtual world. The sole purpose is for entertainment but as other games were created overtime, the military ended up using it for training.

-How does it work?

It works by completely controlling the player’s consciousness by redirecting the signals the brain sends to the body and sending its own waves to stimulate the five senses.

-How is it designed?

It has a single interface that covers a player’s whole head and face.

Overtime, the 2nd generation, which was a lot safer, was released to the public called AmuSphere.

-How can it be hacked?

There were hacks that happened in the story, where it wasn’t explained how they were able to access it but they were able to change a lot of the sliders of their character.

-Other shows that use similar tech?

Other shows that use this technology are Log Horizon, BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense, and Overlord.

-How would you improve it?

I wouldn’t improve its functionality because over time, the technology used to produce this functionality is phenomenal and I wish it were real. However, if I were to improve it, I’d make it look much more realistic looking. 

-Does it exist in real life?

No, it doesn’t exist in real life but it’s similar to the concept of Virtual Reality but we are not there yet. Also, they released a movie as well that dealt with Augmented Reality and it looked like an ear piece.
-Prepare a video where we see it in action (no more than 5min)

The Link on the bottom has pictures to showcase everything.

Technological Misuse

A technological misuse is the airdrop feature in Apple products. It is used to send personal messages seamlessly in less that a few taps on the screen, however, there are people that use it differently. If you have your airdrop available to the public, random strangers will send you pictures of unpleasing things or even messages. Another technological misuse is flash drives. It is used to transfer personal information across different devices. However, some people would grab information from other computers without permission. It’s an invasion of privacy. Privacy is a major issue when it comes to Technological misuse because people would use it’s purpose for invasion rather than safety.

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