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Unity Solar System

This is my Solar System madeĀ  in Unity. This was a fun project to do because it helped dive into the game world of things. In order to make this. I created a 3D sphere of each planet, moon and sun. I would place an image on that sphere so it can look like something you will see in space. I would add rotation to each planet so it can orbit around the sun since that is how it’s like in Space. The only thing not orbiting around the sun is the moon. The moon is orbiting around the Earth and has a different speed and rotation space. For the sun, I added fire as a sound effect. I then implemented a picture of space in my background so it can look like our Milky Way Galaxy. This is my creation and I hope you get to enjoy it.

My Postcard

After gaining a lot of experience with after effects from the group project, I decided to make a postcard that had a nice ambiance to it. I implemented a bubble turning into an ice on the part where you can open the envelope. I had to mask it from one video to the still image. Then, I inverted it to show the part I wanted onto the envelope. I changed the opacity to a cooler tone because it is a bubble turning into ice. Afterwards, I ended up noise to the video. Noise is like a static you get from a TV. I made this noise and made it into my own fog. I changed the opacity enough to be able to see the envelope. I added evolution so it can look like its moving but it is still in the same place. Also, I had to use offset turbulence in order for it to move around to the right so it won’t just be not moving at all.

Past Mixed with Future

For this group project, we decided to add items from the past and put them in the future. There was a lot of key-frames in this After Effect video. We would change the scale of certain scenes so it can act as if we were zooming into a certain section of the video. We would then add a fade into a wormhole so we can be transported to one world to the next. We also had text to give the music time to build up for the main event. The text was moved in with Key-framing and enlarged as well. Afterwards, as soon as the beat drops, the guy is being hit with music so loud that it feels like he was hit with a balloon full of paint. We added opacity key-frames to implement the Beats logo on the person’s body to fade in and out as well as some more Beats text on the top right of the video. It then ends with a black screen and text being enlarged.


Video MashUp

This is called Batman Vs. Iron Man.


This was my funnest project to do. I really started liking video editing again because you can change so much things and make it completely different. I used Adobe Premiere for this and implemented a song that went perfectly with what I was trying to make. I had a lot of different video effects like Fades, clips dissolving into another one, letters changing from one thing to another. I would raise the audio and lower the audio for certain scenes that I wanted to make. I would trim a bunch of different clips in order to find the right moment as well. This was really fun and made me think of actually trying video/movie editing in the future.

Sound Mash Up

This is 4 minute audio clip I made in Adobe Audition. I got the instrumental of Smoke Break by Chance The Rapper and Nonchalant by 6LACK. I then got the acapella of J. Cole’s Apparently and Chris Brown’s Please Don’t Judge me songs. For the Smoke Break instrumental, I made it my own because I couldn’t find the instrumental online. I would copy and paste the first part of the song where he only has a beat and saying a few words. I then looped it over and over again. To then put it with the song Apparently. I then implemented a transition to then switch from the first part of the song to the next. It synced really well. It then played the instrument of Nonchalant with Please Don’t Judge Me.

Album Cover

This is my Album Cover called Blue Skies by Jordin De La Rosa. I brought my logo from Adobe Illustrator and placed on a building I was siting on. Yes, that’s me up there. I had to take a picture from my Social Media and use the brush tool to take a bunch of grass out of my back. That was a long process but I got it to work. I found a font that I was comfortable with and placed it in the sky and in the water. I then used the masking tool again to implement a UFO I found from g=Google. This made it a little bit more random.


Imagine J Cole riding a cat while having Luffy stare at them. As well as Goku holding up the sun as if it was a spirit bomb. Yep, this is it. I was told to make my Hyper-Realism as random as possible and I did. I masked the other characters once I imported them into Adobe Photoshop. Then I would change the size of each image and stack some of them on top of each other.


The Past in the Future!!

In this futuristic world, we have a lot of things and people from the past viewing it for the first time. I thought to myself, why not implement a bunch of old characters to a futuristic world. I used the background image as my base and used the masking tool in order to add the other characters in. I would highlight them from another layer and completely cover the part of the body I want to use. Afterwards, I would hit enter and they will appear on my other image. I also implemented the moon which I would say I tried the best on because I changed the feathering and made the moon as if it was part of the main image.

Past and Future Arc

Photo Repaired

An Old Scratch up photo turning into a brand new photo. I went on Google to find an image that seems to need some repairing. Sometimes, our images can’t remain the same forever so this is why I decided to repair the image of this kid. I used the healing brush tool in order to take each crack out. This tool is my best friend. I would have click on a part of his face or hair that isn’t cracked and then use the brush tool to wipe away each crack. Eventually, it turned out like this. His face needs some readjusting but it should be fine.


My Business Card

In order to create my business card, I had to find the right size of a normal business card. I then used the logo of my first art creation of Adobe Illustrator. I used the transparent logo so it can be placed on the business card like so. I showcased my address, email, phone number and the name of my company. On the top left, it showcases my name and my job title. I changed the font sizes to something that pleased me and the color of my business card is grey. Feel free to contact me.

Business Card


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