Welcome, job hunters!

Professionals walking through a convention hall at a conference.

I built this site to give City Tech students general advice about the job search from listings to interviews.

It includes information about researching job listings, writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, and creating an online professional presence.

Below, you will find a video lecture, sample documents, and useful links.


Sample Documents


Job Search

In addition to using the following sites to search for internships and jobs, create profiles on each and setup alerts to hear about new opportunities as soon as they are posted.

Business Research

Learn about the companies that you might work for before you accept an offer. Also, research salary and benefits to place yourself in a stronger bargaining position.


There’s no one way to build a resume. Learn about the accepted practices of resumes, but also search for resumes online to learn how others present themselves professionally.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter is where you make your argument that you deserve an interview. Be persuasive and support your argument with evidence listed on your resume. Your cover letter and resume should work together.


The best way to prepare for an interview is to read and write possible answers to question lists that you find online and then practice with someone asking-and-answering questions. Don’t deliver your answers like a robot–you need to respond like Mr. Orange in the film Reservoir Dogs.

General Job Hunting Advice

Job and internship hunting is its own profession. To be successful, you need to apply the time and energy to the task.

Accessibility Resources for Job Hunters and Early Career Builders

Writing Resources

As a technical communicator and professional and technical writer, there’s no hiding. Who you are as a professional is represented as the quality of your work presented on the page or screen. Keep writing and learn more about writing throughout your career to improve.

Develop New Skills and Learn New Things

Being a life-long learner makes you a dynamic professional who brings value to their current job while positioning yourself for new opportunities when they arise. Books and magazines are a great resource to help with this. Online resources that offer training, tutorials, and lessons are beneficial, too.

Additional Support at City Tech

Last updated on 28 July 2023.