GRAD CENTER Guest Lecture: Analytical Modeling of Historic Buildings and Artifacts

Invited Workshop: 

Montgomery, Jason and Jeffrey Burden. “Analytical Modeling of Historic Buildings and Artifacts” 8 Feb. 2019, CUNY Graduate Center, NY. Invited Lecture in the NYC Digital Humanities Series. 

Jeffrey Burden, Ph.D and I were invited at the recommendation of Prof. Macaulay-Lewis to present the work of our research lab The Building History Project and our methodology and Digital workflow. At this workshop we presented samples of some the projects from our lab and focused on our investigation of objects at the Metropolitan Museum working with MET Conservator Pascale Patris. We followed up this workshop with a visit with some of the attendees at the MET on May 4 where we worked to train the attendees in the object scanning techniques we use In our investigations. 

Invitation and Logistics Email: Building History Project workshop with GCDI