Open Pedagogy Curating a Faculty of Staff Portfolio

I am an innovator in my use of the e-portfolio on OpenLab to document my teaching, scholarship, and service. I use this site as I believe in transparency and sharing. My efforts are recognized by the college, as my e-portfolio is note on the Faculty Commons website as a exemplar for faculty to review as they build their own e-portfolio, with a live link provided for easy access by faculty across the college.

As a result, I was invited to present my e-portfolio at this workshop and provide pointers for faculty interested in using this tool.

email Invitation and confirmation: Re: Invitation to upcoming OpenLab Open Curating a Faculty or Staff Portfolio

I was invited to present my development of my e-portfolio to faculty and staff colleagues from across the college, to share my ideas and techniques, and reflect on best practices on April 4, 2019 in the Faculty Commons.