Video Project

How to cross stitch

This video is a tutorial on how to cross stitch, cross stitching is Cross stitching in embroidery, needlepoint, and other forms of needlework that include a number of related stitches in which the thread is sewn in an x or + shape.

At first my main idea was how to help the homeless in New York, I wanted to show different ways to help people who needs clothes, money, and food. However, I realize I had more experience on making a how to cross stitch tutorial, I know is not that unique like my first idea but is something I’m good at.

This is how I planned to start my video as a quick story board. First, I analyze the frame i’m going to show the materials which is in a front view. Then, i’m going to show how to thread the needle. After all, I show how to do each stitch step by step.

This is a sample of Cross stitch, it can be hearts, teddy bears, and flowers.