Human Resource Management

The article I chose to review is an article from the New York Times called, “Training Future Macau Casino Bosses”. This article talks about a program in Macau called Macao Polytechnic Institute’s Gaming Teaching and Research Center. The program is offered to the locals of Macau and help teach the locals the aspects of running a casino and how operation works.

            In the article, it talks about Macao Polytechnic Institute’s Gaming Teaching and Research Center offering a very competitive program which only has 72 slots for over 360 applicants. Throughout the program, students from a local campus will be able to learn the games that are played inside the 35 casinos in Macau. Not only does the student learn to play the games, they get to experience how a casino dealer feels while under pressure and what can make a dealer feels tired. This program not only teaches the students how to be able to manage a casino in the future, but also allows the students to understand what a dealer experiences while on the job and understand how a dealer feels before being able to manage them.

            Another great thing about this program is that the program offers a two week trip to go to Hawaii and Las Vegas to take classes during the morning and experience the casinos and resorts at night. This is a great opportunity because it will allow the students to learn in a different environment and visit a foreign place to see how things are run differently. Since twenty one is the legal age for a person to get into a casino, this programs offer another great opportunity for those who aren’t twenty one yet because you do not need to be twenty one to get into the program. This allows younger students to learn and spend a little more time understanding the casino and hospitality business as well as getting ready to go upon graduation.

            I believe that the Macao Polytechnic Institute’s and Gaming Teaching and Research Institute is a great program for the hospitality field and a great opportunity for students. Especially since the casino business is still fairly young in Macau, this will be able to help provide proper training early on for those who want to manage a casino in Macau. This program offers hands on training and allows the students to experience the environment of a casino and I believe that is great for anyone who actually wants to work in a casino. Though it may be hard to understand everything that goes on in a casino at a young age but I believe it is better to start earlier than later because there is always room for improvements.

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