Experiential Learning

Johnny Lei

The two learning strengths I am choosing will be ability to work with diverse groups of people and creative insights. The two learning challenges I am choosing will be indecisiveness and jack of all trades, master of none.

I chose ability to work with a diverse group of people because I enjoy working with different types of people and people of most ages. I love to learn about other people background and hear their stories because I feel like I am being educated by a way that I can’t from school. Another reason I enjoy working with a diverse group of people is because not everyone do things the same way and it is nice to learn other people styles. I think that because I believe it can help me improve myself as a person and as a learner.

I also chose creative insights because I enjoy coming up with random ideas for projects or ideas for events. Even though I know some ideas might not be perfect, it is still fun for me to think of ideas on the spot and try to perfect it.    From prior experience in doing event planning, I came up with many ideas for different events and my managers all loved my ideas. To me I don’t always think that is great because I like to have other people give me more feedback especially some negative ones because I want to be able to improve my ideas for the future.

I chose indecisiveness for one of my challenges because it is hard for me to just pick an idea or just pick something in general without having second thoughts. I tend to approach multiple task at the same time and do them all at once instead of doing the tasks one at a time. Another reason why I chose indecisiveness is because if someone were to tell me to choose something simple such as a restaurant, I would give them a hard time because I would never know what to pick. I tend to go with what the majority want instead of what I want because I want to be able to satisfy everyone and not myself.

The other challenge I chose for myself is jack of all trades, master of none because I like to focus on multiple things even though I end up not mastering a particular thing. I prefer to learn as much of everything as I can even though I know I won’t be able to master them. I just enjoy obtaining as much knowledge of everything around me mainly because I really have no focus on one particular thing or have my mind just set on one thing.

Question 1

The person I chose to observe would be my friend Kelly. From observing her, I would say her learning style will most likely be initiating. If her learning style isn’t initiating then I would have to say it’s acting because of her personality from what I’ve observed.

I would say her learning style is initiating because she is not afraid to act on the spot without much thinking. It may seem impulsive at times but she knows what she is doing and has an idea on what she’s doing. Kelly also works at merchandise at Downtown Disney and she is always interacting with guest whether if they seem lost or she just starts a conversation with them. She also decides to do certain things without the need of confirmation from others because she is confident with what she wants to do and goes for it.

The other learning style I think that might fit Kelly’s personality would be acting because she is not afraid to do or try things in certain situations. Kelly is not a shy person and the type of person that speaks her mind. Also another thing I noticed is that Kelly can differentiate times of joy and times of seriousness during work and outside of work. She knows how to be appropriate in certain situation where it calls for it and knows how to let loose when the environment isn’t all serious.

I believe the two learning styles I chose for Kelly would match her personality just from what I’ve observed in the last couple of weeks. I would be surprised if neither of the styles I’ve chose doesn’t match her and that means I’ve probably been observing all the wrong details or just doing this observation wrong.

Question 3

Thinking back to all the training I’ve been through ever since coming down here to Walt Disney World, I do believe that the KLSI is actually right about my learning style. I agree with all the strengths and challenges that I have and I think the KLSI is pretty accurate. Though I might think Jack of all trade, master of none can be a strength but I can also see it as a challenge.

I think that what the KLSI listed as my strength is correct because I did see myself being able to work with a diverse group of people especially being down here with Disney. During traditions and on the job training, I was working around people with different background and I enjoyed it. I was able to communicate with mostly everyone that were in groups with me as well as being able to just start conversations with just about anyone. I think by being able to work with a diverse group of people, I allow myself to open up many doors for myself in the future because I believe it allows me to adapt to different work situations with different types of people.

When the KLSI listed down indecisiveness as a challenge, I wasn’t surprised because I can see myself as being indecisive in many situations even simple ones. Though it may be a challenge for me, I think I will be able to work around it by surrounding myself with people that are decisive and can help me improve on my learning style. It won’t be easy in a work environment because I know not many people are able to take the initiative and make a decision that can affect everyone. Though it may be hard but I believe for me to become a leader/manager one day, I am going to have to knockout indecisiveness as one of my challenges and not be afraid to make big decisions when needed to.

I believe that the KLSI was a great help especially for me because it points out what I can excel at and what might be a wall for me. Though everyone has their own walls blocking them, it doesn’t mean we can’t get over them. Due to that I believe that the KLSI can help us get pass these walls by pointing out what we need to work on in order to do that. Some people might not enjoy having their flaws pointed out but it is needed to be pointed out if we want to improve ourselves and learn from our mistakes. I see more pros than cons from the KLSI and I think everyone should take the KLSI to see what they need work on and take the feedback from it as constructive critism.