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    Jailyn Lavado is a  woman, daughter  and a friend.  Daughter of two immigrants, one Honduran and the other Peruvian.  Jailyn attends the New York City College of Technology and is studying Business & Technology of Fashion.

 Jailyn is often described by her peers as  a person who is determined to get what they want. She will work hard to achieve their goal, she is not a quitter.  Jailyn is a hard worker who is considerate of her team members.  As mentioned earlier, Jailyn is a friend. Her smile is often said that it helps reassure her friends that everything will be okay. With her characteristics of being a hard worker, determined, ambitious and caring she hopes to become someone who becomes a better version of herself. She hopes that with her ability to take challenges can inspire others to do so as well. That is her ambition.       

 Ambitious is described as ,” eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, a specific goal, etc.:“ (, 2021) This is best fit  for Jailyn Lavado as describes her will. An prime example of this is getting her promotion. Jailyn did not get unmotivated when she wasn’t promoted the 1st time, instead she listened to the feedback provided and at any chance she got to showcase her improvement , she did. On her second evaluation , she was promoted. 
   The usage of Script font in the logo gives the feel of “as a font that mimics cursed handwriting” (Kushal,2021). To Jailyn, this gives personalization. It allows the reader to see Jailyn as who she is, in the form of writing.