Objectives and Goals

   My professional objectives are to attend  graduate school. By attending graduate school, it increases the chances of getting a job in my field. This will help the financial vector of the mission. Another professional objective is to attend any career meetings/ seminars  while at graduate school. It is important because knowledge is something valuable and can led to financial, emotional and spiritual vector. Financially, due to the chance of a higher wage job. Emotionally and spiritually , because learning is something that peaks interest and makes oneself smarter. Another professional objective is learning about different work environments and seeing which is best for myself. This helps the emotional vector and spiritual vector as it allows for room for growth and knowing what is acceptable to my standards. Not only this but learning what is to expect. My other professional objective is to deepen my knowledge on Chinese language or learn another language . This mostly helped the spiritual and emotional vector. Learning a language broadens ones perspective. Not only does one learn the language but one also picks up the culture behind the language. Although learning a language also benefits the financial vector, as jobs look for multilingual candidates as they are more knowledgable.  My last professional objective is to graduate graduate school. This would be the biggest accomplishment as it is the stepping stone to achieve a better job.

¬† ¬†The five personal objectives that Jailyn Lavado¬†is first; to explore more hobbies. Hobbies keep a person well-rounded and lets someones creativity flow. Another¬† personal objective is to find a home to live in. This would most likely be after graduating graduate school as it would be my main focus. The home would need¬† two rooms, one for my mother and one for myself.¬† My third personal objective is learn how to drive. Driving is a valid method of transportation and can allow one to escape the city. It’s always good to diversify your environment once in a while.¬†My fourth personal objective is¬†change parts that I do not like about myself. It is always good to acknowledge that there are defect amongst ourselves but it is much better to change it. My last personal objective is to¬†never let an opportunity run away because one never knows how it can affect oneself.

    The goals set for the  professional  objectives is to achieve a good GMAT score. This can be achieved in a couple of weeks as all one has to do is study the material. Another goal is to   accomplish for graduate school is to ace the interview. This is more of a one day thing as I have practice in interviews and I do not get anxious speaking to people. Another goal is to study Chinese during graduate school, perhaps in an outside program. This will take a couple of months to do as I will be preoccupied with other stuff. My last professional goal will be to balance work and school. This will be a goal that will take its course over the whole time I attend school.

 Some personal goals is to buy a gaming computer. This is because I personally love to game as a hobby. This would take around 3 months only because I am on a budget. Another personal objective is to start looking up places in Zillow or StreetEasy. This can help eliminate any places that are not in my budget or not interesting. Another personal goal is  study the driving test. This would take around 6 months because it is not high on my priority list but would be neat to learn. My last goal is to identify the change I want to make about myself. This is a long term goal as it takes awhile to understand why it is a problem.