I’m still in the brainstorming stage, I’ve done some drafting both by hand and on the computer to give me an idea of what I want to do. I’ve researched brochures from other homeless shelters to get a feel for what they are doing. I want to make sure that the design language is cohesive. I want to have a few design concepts before I really decide on which direction I want to go in.

While brainstorming, the very first step is to identify your brochures objectives.  Answering these questions determines the direction of  the brochure design. Who is the target population you are going to distribute your brochure to? What is the function of the brochure? How will it be distributed and what purpose does it serve?

Located at 55 West 110th Street across the street from Central Park. Its really inconspicuous, most people really do not have a clue its there. Because the shelter serves individuals with varing degrees of complexity they require extreme privacy.  While going through this process i had to question the support staff about the do’s and dont’s.

Ultimately, I want my supervisor and the staff to be proud of what I come up with. I don’t want to present them with something that they feel doesn’t fit their message. This will not only be a reflection of Aguila Inc. it will also be a reflection of my workThis brochures purpose is to be informative .